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External Agencies Supporting HCP Social Enterprise

External Agencies Supporting HCP Social Enterprise


Carswell Gould

Carswell Gould were commissioned by HCP Social Enterprise in 2017 for off-line PR including, radio, television, newspaper & magazines. www.carswellgould.co.uk

Bulldog Media

Having successfully worked with Home Care Preferred & HCP Franchise Ltd. Bulldog were the first choice to assist with SEO and Website promotions. Bulldog started working with HCP Social Enterprise on the “Care to Limbo” campaign. www.bulldogsocialmedia.co.uk

Waterhouse Photography

Sophia Waterhouse of Waterhouse Photography has carried out numerous project for Home Care Preferred and became involved helping HCP Social Enterprise with homeless projects. www.waterhousephotography.com

Crooked House Films

Several corporate, training and awareness films have been produced by Crooked House Films for Home Care Preferred and the North London film production company are working on additional filming projects with HCP Social Enterprise. www.crookedhousefilms.com